Marine Weather Forecast Service

Clients around the world choose Weather Research Center for timely and dependable marine weather forecasts. WRC provides personal and site-specific forecasting services as well as 24/7 marine weather support to the oil and gas industry, energy industry, construction industry, etc.

Tropical Weather Service

If your business is weather-sensitive, our services can help save you money and reduce operating downtime.

Weather Consulting

WRC Meteorologists provide consulting which includes hindcasting past weather, forensic meteorology, weather outlooks, weather modeling, hurricane winds, waves and storm surges.

Forensic Meteorology
WRC Meteorologists can provide research and expert testimoney in legal matters where weather plays a role in the case.

Wind and Wave Modeling

Ice Studies

Weather Research Center provides detailed ice studies.

Weather Research Center is a non-profit educational and research organization founded in 1987.

The Center focuses on education of newly graduated meteorologists in the art of marine and tropical weather forecasting; community outreach and education; weather research; and The Weather Museum. More

WRC advances the science of weather and knowledge of the weather's impact on the global community through research, prediction and education in order to inspire America's next generation of scientist and engineers.

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