After 30 years, Weather Research Center closed December 31, 2016. Jill F. Hasling, Certified Consulting Meteorologist continues to provide consutling in meteorology and oceanography. Jill has over 40 years experience in meteorology and oceanographic and is a American Meteorological Society board Certified Consultint Meteorologist. Jill is also a fellow of the AMS and member of NCIM an association of Private Sector Meteorlogists. You can contact Jill at 713-818-9346 or email: "".

Meteorological Education: Strive to make the community weatherwise.

Mentoring Meteorologists: Specialze in training meteorologists in tropical and marine meteorology.
Forensic Meteorology : Litigation and Expert Witness Support
Hindcast : Data review and analysis of past weather events such as hurricanes, wind storms, waves
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Weather Research Center was a non-profit educational and research organization founded in 1987 and continued until December 2016.

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