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Significant Houston Area Floods 1910 - 1919

YearDate Description
1913OCT 1-4 14.79" of rain in Boerne, TX - 7.5" in south Houston. October 1 7.17" of rain fell in 32 hours at the Houston City Office (11)
1913DEC Brazos River flood spread to Harris County. Buffalo, White Oak, Brays and Greens Bayous were all out of their banks. Downtown Houston was flooded. San Jacinto River ouf of its banks in Conroe 25.2'.(1)(6)
1914MAY 26-30 11.92" or rain fell in Beaumont, Texas - 8 inches of rain fellin north Houston. (4)
1915AUG 18-20 Hurricane landfall in Galveston (Category 4) - 20"of rain over Houston causing widespread heavy flooding(1)(4)
1919JUN 15 Brays Bayou at Main Street 1.6 miles upstream from Harris Gully. Flood was the maximum since at least 1911. 8.39" of rain fell at the Houston City office. Brays Bayou gage height 56 feet. (1) (11) (6)
1919SEP 14-17 Hurricane landfall near Corpus Christi in South Texas (Category 4)- 7" of rain over Houston. Brays Bayou one of the hardest hit. Small boats were the only transportation near Rice off of Brays Bayou. (1)(4)

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