Why Should You Hire a CCM?

The American Meteorological Society Certified Consulting Meteorologist Program is the only organized testing and evaluation program in the United States that certifies meteorologists as qualified to market their services as independent consultants. The CCM certification is awarded by the American Meteorological Society. To earn this certification, a meteorologist must be recommended by three associates, pass a stringent written examination, and pass an oral examination before a national board of examiners. The CCM designation is awarded only to those who demonstrate a broad background in meteorology together with detailed knowledge in a particular field of specialization. They are judged also on qualities of character and devotion to high professional ideals.

Weather Research Center is a non-profit educational and research organization founded in 1987.

WRC advances the science of weather and knowledge of the weather's impact on the global community through research, prediction and education in order to inspire America's next generation of scientist and engineers.

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